Phase-0 Microdosing Network Board of Directors


Wouter H.J. Vaes, Ph.D.

Dr. Vaes heads the Dept of Human Biology within the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He received his Ph.D. at the Research Inst of Toxicology at Utrecht Univ. Thereafter, he started working at TNO where he has been leading the Nutrients and Biomarker Group for about ten years. Dr. Vaes has managed programs on content analysis, bioavailability, health effects, drug-nutrient interactions, bioanalysis, and elemental speciation sponsored by the Dutch government, EU-funding, and industry. The activities and his laboratories were transferred in 2012 to TNO Triskelion, a TNO subsidiary. Since that time, Dr. Vaes has been involved in the development of new technologies to increase the innovative strengths of TNO. One of his activities involves the installation of a 1 MV accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) to be applied in innovative clinical research programs with isotopic radiotracers. The AMS laboratory has been fully operational since 2012, and its major achievement has been the development of a completely automatized sample introduction system. TNO has been involved in a number of studies, including pediatric microdosing and microtracer studies. Recently, TNO succeeded in performing the very first microdosing study with a therapeutic protein.